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Generic Pharma Industry

In the “post-pandemic” world, on one hand governments & regulatory agencies are looking for options to reduce their healthcare cost by promoting generic drugs, while on other hand generic industry is facing unprecedented pressure of pricing & supply. With ever growing competition & entry of hundreds of new players, everyone needs differentiation strategy to survive, sustain and thrive their business.

We remain optimistic that the demand for generics shall remain strong and that the next wave of patent expiries will create additional opportunities for generic industry. But the generic industry is still stuck in their age-old portfolio practices of chasing exclusivity dreams.

With PharSights on your side, you can now build robust product portfolio, that would give you reasonable assurance of returns on every dollar invested.


We are creating a largest database of pharmaceutical products that offers unique data sets like BCS Classification, Variability, BE study designs, clinical trials, patents & regulatory landscapes all arranged as per the therapeutic classes & ATC codes.

We are willing to collaborate further with Academia and boost innovation drive in digitalizing the key processes in pharma Industry. Get in touch with us to share your ideas and we can find mutual interest in passion for creating a better world.

Formulation development Labs & CROs

You will find unique dataset in PharSights like Q1Q2, packaging details, variability, BE study designs, complexities in formulation, API particle sizes, Polymorphic details, API & RLD prices and much more.

So if you need to know possibilities of new non-infringing formulation or new strength or simply wish to know various complexities around the brand product get in touch with us.

Investors & C-Suite Members

PharSights has capability to forecast company’s future revenues & growth of various products in their pipeline based on scientific data & commercial landscape. So as an investor, if you wish to know what’s the product pipeline of your target generic company & what is the commercial prospect of it, then PharSights is the right platform for you.

Get in touch with us to know other exciting features of this products and how we can help you evaluate your potential clients for merger, acquisition or investment.

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